About Us

SAMA = To show great respect
TONE = Vibration

For over 20 years, our greatest intention is about us sharing a power yoga practice that is accessible to everyone. That’s why, here at Samatone Yoga, we encourage all walks of life to join us – our yoga is for EVERY body. Prepare to renew and reflect with our unique yet traditional practice of vinyasa flow with breath, alignment, and internal tone – a soft hum that quiets the nervous system and tension-ful areas of the body.

We are also an infrared-heated yoga studio. This is a therapeutic heat that directly permeates the body. It increases flexibility, circulation, weight loss, detoxification and relieves pain.

About the owner

Hello friends! My name is Rhonda Brown. I have over a decade of pediatric nursing experience and have been in leadership for many of those years. In 2020, I wanted to take a step back so I could spend more time with my husband and three children. During that time, my favorite yoga studio went up for sale which led to a serendipitous purchase made by my husband and I.

I have been doing yoga for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I was introduced to Samatone Yoga by a friend. I was immediately drawn in by the wide array of age, size and abilities of the students-all practicing together. I had one of the best practices I had ever had and I felt amazing.

Samatone Yoga, the unique style of vinyasa flow created by Suze Curtis, E-RYT teaches you to practice to your aspirations and not your limitations. It is inclusive of all types of people and truly is YOGA FOR EVERY BODY.

Same Samatone, new location!
Opened May 2022
Our new location is in a great shopping center that houses some fantastic restaurants, a hair salon, a nail salon, and so much more. Our student base comes from all over the D/FW area, so we wanted a space that was central to all areas.