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Power Vinyasa Flow + Infrared Heat + Vibrational Sound

2022-2023 Readers Choice Award winner Samatone Yoga

Namaste, we’re glad you’re here!

First established in 2000, Samatone Yoga has brought a special brand of Power Vinyasa flow to Addison and the Dallas yoga area. In our new space, we’re the only studio focused on Power yoga in DFW with hot yoga infrared heat. 

What is Samatone Style?

Ever been to a studio that moves you through the poses at breakneck speed? Instructors throwing a new pose at you before you can get in the last one? That’s not us! We believe it takes time to settle into a pose and allow your body to find the proper alignment. It also gives our instructors a moment to help you perfect the pose, and give your muscles time to shake!

Whether you desire to be challenged physically, or courageously face “your stuff” you’ll leave this practice drenched, glowing, physically free & totally energized.

Yoga for EVERY Body

The introduction of a steady yoga practice into your daily routine will be one of the most profound things you ever do. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new, or a seasoned yogi, just know that you are not alone, and have an amazing community of teachers and students to support you! Our students come in all ages and sizes, and you’ll find our community one of the most welcoming ever!

Infrared Heat – It’s awesome!

We use infrared heat in our studio. It simulates the sun’s rays, which means it heats up the objects in the room. You get all of the benefits of heat without the stuffy and dry air that comes with really hot HVAC systems.

Our Classes

Our yoga studio offers a range of yoga styles taught and instructed in a temperature controlled room with infrared heat.

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(5 Classes/Use within 21 days) *new students only